Project security from A to Z.

BaySolar is the solar specialist under the umbrella of the Bay Energy Group. The company realises demanding photovoltaic projects - from commercial roof-top systems to open-air power stations generating multi-megawatts.

Together with local network partners, the company focuses on quality solutions with stable financing and reliable long-term yields.

The DIBOT – Develop, Invest, Build, Operate, Transfer – business model, which is the only one of its kind in the world, covers the entire process chain:

  • Product development
  • Investment & financing
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
  • O&M (Operation & Maintenance)
  • Asset Management

By combining all fields of competence under one roof, BaySolar offers its clients and partners clear efficiency advantages. The results are very short, on-time realisation times, flawless procedures, consistently high quality and a secure, profitable investment.

It goes without saying that you can also access individual service modules from the BaySolar’s portfolio as required.

Investors and partners benefit specifically from:

  1. Exact knowledge of global markets for regenerative energies.
    BaySolar analyses all the markets that they may become involved in locally. Based on this market analysis, we develop solutions which are superior to the competition.
  2. Efficient and secure management of the development process with help from local network partners.
    Successful project development depends on numerous factors specific to the region. As well as our technical competence in building photovoltaic power stations, we also build on the expertise of our established network partners on-site. This enables us to guarantee fulfilment of all legal, economic and technical requirements. The results are short, smooth construction phases and a maximum security for your investment.
  3. Excellent partner network.
    The roots of BaySolar are in the distribution of photovoltaic modules. The result of this are close cooperations with leading module manufacturers worldwide. Close partnerships also connect with internationally important producers of inverters, framework technology, etc. This means we have the crucial requirements to construct superior quality systems at cheaper prices - thus guaranteeing the financing more quickly.
  4. Global financial resources.
    BaySolar can rely on cooperations with numerous international financial institutions and the central and state-run companies in China. The financial capacity of these partners and the relevant scope contribute to considerably minimising investment risks.
  5. Material and project quality to German standards.
    Both the components and photovoltaic power stations themselves are manufactured and constructed to meet German standards. The controls and certifications are carried out by specialist independent agencies. The certified manufacture of many components in China enables prices to beat the competition, despite the high quality standards.
  6. Professional and efficient management team.
    The management team of BaySolar is made up of proven experts who have worked in Germany for more than eight years. Be it financing, investment, technology, policies, engineering, logistics or operations: the team has many years of experience in all fields of photovoltaic project management. The efficient management and coordination of projects enables rapid and reliable execution, secure investments and low operating costs.