Project development:
Strategically designing project successes.

To enable really sustainable investment successes, BaySolar places major significance on the strategically sophisticated development of its projects. This is possible by bringing together the right partners in the right place with the right concept.

Depending on the region, the project development teams of BaySolar are filled with local experienced experts or co-developers. Their detailed knowledge of the determining factors on-site minimise the project risk drastically. This means we are in the position to reliably develop particularly demanding photovoltaic projects from the planning stage through to being ready to build, and with exemplary quality.

The services of BaySolar as a project developer at a glance:

  • BaySolar acquires sites and local network partners.
  • BaySolar clarifies all legal, infrastructural and geographical factors.
  • BaySolar secures the site and develops it.
  • BaySolar secures the supply point, the allowances and the cableways to the supply point.
  • BaySolar takes over the preliminary planning and determines the necessary services.
  • BaySolar goes through the calculations for the project securely.

Local network partners benefit from the knowledge and many years of experience of the project development team at BaySolar. As well as its competences in the technical and legal fields, it is particularly well placed to design projects in such a way that they satisfy the strict requirements of investors and banks.