Operation & Maintenance:
Stable operation - reliable profits.


At the centre of the BaySolar business model are optimal yields and the maximum level of investment safety for investment partners. For this reason, the company also takes on responsibility extending long past the completion of our systems.

If required, BaySolar can undertake the operation of the solar power station - thus ensuring a maximum level of operational reliability and fixed prices.

Operation and maintenance are particularly efficient as they are handled from the same source as is responsible for the project development and construction of the solar power plant.

As well as these synergies, local maintenance teams ensure that any disruptions are rectified as rapidly as possible.


The O&M services of BaySolar include:


  •     Facility management
  •     Technical management
  •     Plant security
  •     Regular inspections and maintenance service
  •     In case of disruptions: rapid rectification by our local partners