Dynamic growth requires financial solidity.


The decisive conditions for the successful realisation of photovoltaic projects are integrated finance and transfer structures, which meet the high demands of lenders and investors.

Particular competences and a close networking with potential investors are required here. BaySolar has outstanding contacts with banks and industrial investors worldwide - particularly in China. Together with the anchoring in a strong group of companies, this offers both a multitude of possible financing channels - together with stable financial backing.

BaySolar is the interface here between project development and the capital market. The aim here is always to guarantee security in both directions: construction and financing.

To put its projects on a solid financial basis, BaySolar takes care of:



  •     Project costings
  •     Profitability analyses
  •     Structuring of the project development
  •     Partial financing from its own equity
  •     Acquisition of investors and procurement of borrowed capital
  •     Audits and due diligence inspections