Engineering, Procurement, Construction:
The art of combining quality with efficiency.

The engineers of BaySolar have many years of experience and specific knowledge in the planning and construction of medium-sized to extremely large solar power stations.

When constructing its projects, the company also relies on the connection of its strategic management and the competence of its engineers with the local expertise of partner companies from the region in question. Reliable quality can be realised extremely quickly and on-time in this way.

As well as the knowledge of the relevant trades, reliable supply of components is also crucial. Established cooperations and contractual partnerships with numerous important manufacturing companies guarantee on-time delivery of quality components.

 All components, which are used in the BaySolar projects, are TÜV-inspected, CE-certified and subject to strict quality controls.



The engineers of BaySolar create the solid basis for decades of secure yield with their careful calculations and reliable data.



Close partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide ensure reliable qualities and the highest compliance with delivery deadlines.



As a general contractor, BaySolar provides the supervision of all trades from one single source. This makes it possible to minimise causes of friction, streamline processes and achieve rapid, on-time building times.