Market transfer:
Rapid realisation - rapid capital return.

Due to its global networking and strategic cooperations - including with major Chinese state-run companies - BaySolar has outstanding financial support, a reliable supply of components and the option of bridge financing to finish its projects seamlessly. This means BaySolar is in the position to provide entirely different sales channels - including consignment, transfer and secondary financing. This guarantees that the investor achieves their expected project objectives in a reasonable period of time. BaySolar undertakes all the tasks of asset management: the financing of liabilities, the project sale and the services around the transfer of ownership.

BaySolar will normally proceed as follows:

  • BaySolar either develops photovoltaic projects itself or acquires the rights to projects on that market that have already been developed.
  • BaySolar secures the financing depending on the situation with the aid of borrowed capital from partner companies, banks or Chinese state-run companies. Any partial financing is carried out using the company’s own equity.
  • BaySolar accompanies the realisation of the project from A to Z - and ensures the most efficient processes possible in doing so.
  • BaySolar sells the completed project to the end investor.

BaySolar’s services also include the acquisition of operators and investors, the drafting of contracts and - as required - secondary financing.