Trnovec nad Váhom, 1 MWp

  • Project description

    Trnovec nad Váhom is a small, tranquil little town in the south west of Slovakia. BaySolar constructed an open-air plant with 998 kWp and 1.2 kWh per year on a former agricultural area. This is able to provide about 300 households with green energy.

    General contractor BaySolar Projekt GmbH
    Client, operator,
    project developer
    BaySolar AG
    Nominal output 1.0 MWp
    Yield  1.2 million kWh/year
    Solar modules JaSolar
    Inverter  ReFuSol
    Frame technology HatiCon
    Size of site 2 ha
    Construction  April 2011 - Juni 2012
    COsaving  approx. 650 tonnes/year
    Location  Trnovec nad Váhom, Okres Šaľa, Slovakia