High-reflective and windproof Coating for CSP-Mirror


      - High reflectivity.

      - Endurable and stable.

      - Lower cost

      - Inorganic nano composite materials guarantee the strong

        resistance of corrosion

      - Dynamic adjustment to the solar field


The red line in the table represents the BaySolar CSP-Mirror with a reflectivity of 92.1%, while the reflectivity of coating system of common mirror, represented by the black line, amounts to 86.4%.

Corrosion- and Adhesion Tests as followed:

      - 1000 h acetic acid salt spray test in accordance with DIN 50 021

      - 672h ΔT-test in accordance with paragraph 9.5, DIN 50 928

      - 24h boiling test in accordance with GSB guiding principle

      - 500h QUV-B-test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-3

Lei Ming
CSP Sales Director