BaySolar CSP Co. Ltd.

BaySolar CSP commits itself to being a manufacturer of cost-effective products in the field of CSP Receiver. Till now, Baysolar CSP provides the 4060 C° CSP Receiver, which is in line with the mainstream technical standards. Baysolar CSP uses the revolutionary ceramic heat-absorbing and the steady-performance packaging technology, which enable its stability and contributes to a competitive wholesale price.

The experienced technological team of BaySolar CSP has ever worked for the Independent Research Institute of NRW, Germany. Based on its distinctive technology on physical structure of inner tube, heat-absorbing at high temprerature, as well as the inert gas packaging.


Global installed proportion of trough solar power plant


Currently there are more than 2000 MW CSP plants under construction worldwide. The market is dominated by Parabolic Trough technology, which accounts for 88% of operating plants and 97.5% of projects under construction. The total aggregated parabolic trough power plant installation is up to 92% in the CSP market share.


Potential LCOE drop trajectory


It has been forecasted that, of the projected cost reduction in 2020, plant scale-up is projected to provide 20% of the total cost reduction, technology development will provide over half of the cost reduction at 54%, and production volume and competition will provide approximately 26% of the cost reduction.


BaySolar aims to provide solar field at 2million dollar / mega watts


It has been calculated that the total cost of solar collection system in a trough plant is up to 58%. The three main cost of solar field in trough system is the receiver tubes, mirrors andstructures. Any cost reduction of either three of them will have a significant impact on the trough technology market. The heat collection elements(absorbers), which constitute a major portion of the direct capital cost, currently have only two suppliers (Solel and Schott),additional suppliers will promote competition with advanced technologies and reducecosts, thus leads to dramatic drop on total cost of solar field.

2 million dollar per mega watts for solar field of trough plant is the target of BaySolar`s goals.


Wanted technology

Due to the similar power production process with traditional thermal power plants, CSP plant is convenient to connect with current grid system, hence, provide a stable electric output and is advanced to achieve peak load shifting by using thermal storage system. It also can be integrated into or combined with intermittent power supply like PV or wind system so that smooth and higher-quality electricity can be transmitted within the grid. BaySolar is committed into a future that a Multi-renewable energy complementary structure of supply accomplishment, and CSP plant will be the indispensable part of such structure.

In Spain, the proportion of PV VS CSP is 2:1, such combination of solar energy power supply is strong and stable, which leads to a constant power production without any impact on the shadow of the cloud. In China it is also planed that the installation proportion of PV vs CSP is 2:1.

Lei Ming
CSP Sales Director