Bay Energy Group

Energy Storage Products

Compact, free-standinghigh-density power protection

In today’s booming development of renewable energy market, Li-ion energy storage systems are not only in high demand­ for its economic and effective but the complementary features with other renewables.

Delivering from 1000 watts to medium size to megawatts of power in a compact, freestanding device, Bay Energy products optimize power protection and are designed for high-efficiency operation. This can help improve energy management through optimizing workload performance and providing availability for residence, business, electric vehicle (EV) and large-scale PV or wind power station.

The output range of products from Bay Energy is from 1kw to MW grade. Four standardized series are designed for home (Penguin Series), business (Seal Series), electric vehicle (Dolphin Series) and power station energy storage (Whale Series), respectively. Customization is also available.


20 Years Warranty

Wide Range Power Output

Portable Devices

Highly Efficiency

Safety & Security

High Precision Monitoring System

Yunru Yang
Sales Representative