Designing the future of power supply energetically.

The supply of clean, environmentally-friendly energy which conserve our resources is one of the central challenges of our time. The Bay Energy Group has set itself an aim of providing a significant contribution in this way.

With the consolidated competences of experienced experts from solar power, wind power, hydropower and energy storage together with the commitment of our young, efficient team, we would like to provide key support to promoting the economic use of renewable energies.

In order to do this, we combine innovative strength and technical knowledge with solid, reliable management. Because sustainable growth in the field of regenerative energies can only take place on an economically healthy foundation.

BaySolar, the subsidiary of the Bay Energy Group, specialises in major photovoltaic projects and innovative solutions in the field of solar thermal energy. With its innovative strength, an excellent team, experienced management, advanced technical resources from Europe and reliable local network partners, BaySolar will continue to gather speed with its strong growth.