More energy through synergy

Due to the competences, the focus and structure of the Bay Energy Group, investors and partners of the company benefit from an entire package of advantages.

  • Flexible, rapid and reliable action through a tried-and-tested network of European and international specialists.
  • Outstanding international capacity to act through the interlinking of centrally managed strategy, national subsidiaries and experienced local partner companies.
  • Innovative quality solutions at competitive prices through the connection of the German art of engineering and Chinese production efficiency.
  • In project development business: safe and profitable investment through tailor-made turnkey solutions.
  • Flawless international exchange and optimal usage of opportunities through the strong establishment in both China and Europe.
  • Respectability, security ad reliability through strong financial cooperation partners and the backing of a strong group of companies.
  • Knowledge transfer through networked competences from a huge range of divisions within the regenerative energies industry.