For investors:

Benefit sustainably from the major trend of power supply.

The provision of clean, environmentally-friendly energy and the battle against climate change are among the major trends of our century. The development and implementation of renewable energies play a central role here.

Bay Energy offers investors various opportunities to participate in this long-term design and development and to benefit from supply technology of the future.

Your investment is doubly secured: through the stability and financial strength of a major, international group of companies - and through the flexibility and speed of our individual regional subsidiaries.

Bay Energy opens up three different basic models to investors with different chances and risks.

Investment in Level A (project development):

Here, Bay Energy offers the option of acquiring real estate property rights. The level of investment here is straightforward. However, the profits can be considerable.

Investment in Level B (construction phase):

Project companies and projects can act as securities for the entire investment. High profits can be expected here with low risk.

Investment in Level C (operations):

The sale of shares or complete buy-outs are possible here. Investors here benefit from 20 to 25 years of stable profits with extremely low risks.

Of course, you can also combine these models: A, B, C, AB, BC or ABC.


We are happy to show you in person what prospects we can offer you. 


Yifan Wang
Vice President